Candles in Cave Creek

Back in the days before electricity was readily available, Cave Creek’s miners and ranchers found candles as a necessary part of life. Cave Creek has come a long way since those first pioneer’s arrived, but candle making still burns brightly right here in downtown Cave Creek.

Located in Frontier Town, Cave Creek Candles & Gifts continues to hand-pour candles in the tradition of the early American craftsman. Founded in 1997, Cave Creek Candles & Gifts is a family business, with history dating four generations in Arizona. Owners, Steve and Roxanne Vise bring this heritage along with creative passion and a love for artisan handmade items produced locally. Roxanne is also an award-winning artist, who paints with beeswax.

In addition to handmade candles, the shop is a great place for locally made art and gifts, such as luminaries, paintings, artisan glass, pottery, wind chimes and Christmas ornaments all reflecting the colors, scents and sounds of the Sonoran Desert.
It’s the large variety and quality of the candles that make this shop so popular. It is certainly one of the many unique places that make Cave Creek such a popular destination.