The Horny Toad’s Famous Fried Chicken

Although Cave Creek has a Dairy Queen – what small town doesn’t – you could search day and night throughout the town core (including Carefree) and not find any restaurants, fast food or other, that are part of a cookie cutter chain.

However, with more than 20 restaurants in the area, there are a variety of culinary styles and cuisines to fit just about every taste and can only be experienced right here in our town. There is steak, wild game, southwestern specialties, new American cuisine, Mexican food, tasty greasy burgers, Italian, BBQ and fried chicken.

In addition to the wide and varied menus, it can be the historic nature of each restaurants’ building that makes each so special. They are all a tribute to the old west that Cave Creek represents so well and many (if not most) buildings have been around for more than 60+ years including Harold’s which has been around for more than 84 years.
Even the newer buildings in town have been built with character that represents the old West.

The town also represents great food from some of the best chef’s in the valley but not everything is high end, there is also some of the best comfort food and just plain awesome bar food available anywhere. The available variety is what makes this area such a great culinary option whether you are looking for a fun place to take the family or you need a romantic spot for dinner, Cave Creek is an excellent choice.

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