Cave Creek Art

Grace Renee Gallery – Artist – Matt Josef

It’s amazing how artistically talented people often seem to congregate in some areas. They feed off of one another’s skills and allow a sense of friendly competition to push themselves to even higher levels. From the obvious southwestern scenes with sunsets and cowboys, (they certainly fit the town’s theme) to contemporary and Native American sculptures, every type of art can be found throughout town.

Many of the galleries are owned and operated by the artists themselves. Roxanne Vise has
THE Gallery of Cave Creek which features her own encaustic (beeswax) paintings and award winning art. Her materials include aspen leaves, beeswax, acrylic, oil stick, pigments and tree resin to infuse each painting with its individual energy, depth and luminosity.

There are also many private working studios throughout town and most always welcome guests when calls are made in advance. Dick Mueller’s Coyote Crossing Studio is a great example. He loves showing off his work and always participates in the Sonoran Arts League’s Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour each November.

A new addition to the art scene is the Grace Renee Gallery which offers a refreshingly beautiful way to explore fine contemporary art in the breathtaking shadows of the Sonoran Desert foothills of Carefree. Artfully designed jewelry, inspiring sculptures, spectacular wall art, stunning ceramics and more await.

Among the works at Grace Renee Gallery, you’ll also find fine jewelry collections from Aaron Henry Designs, Nanis Italian Jewels, Goshwara, Cynthia Ann Jewels, Willow Diamonds and Pesavento Jewelry.

Every sculpture, painting, glass creation and piece of jewelry in the showroom is a reflection of the creativity and imaginations of its talented artists. Discover something truly different at Grace Renee Gallery.

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