Tumbleweed Hotel

Jeri Rust – Tumbleweed Hotel – Cave Creek

The Tumbleweed Hotel has become the face of unique and inspired boutique hotel lodging. Established in 1970, The Tumbleweed Hotel is “A retro western place you go to stay if you are truly worthy of a conversation with John Wayne or past guests such as Dick Van Dyke or Waylon Jennings,” Urban Dictionary.

Owner Jeri Rust has grown the Tumbleweed Hotel into one of the most unique hospitalities in the West, offering 16 rooms and 8 casitas. She is a designer with a collector prowess. “I wanted each room to tell a story “says Jeri. Waking early every weekend for years, Jeri, with her husband Gary, ventured to auctions, estate sales and explored hidden Arizona towns to find treasures. The collection grew and now has supplied these impeccably and individually decorated rooms with vintage Arizona.

The property is as unique as the rooms with open spaces, an old wagon, western benches, swings, a charming cookout area and a relaxing pool. Kick off your boots, hang your hat and enjoy this boutique hotel property in the heart of Cave Creek!