New Tasting Rooms

Premium Bourbon and Vodka from Carefree & Cave Creek

With two tasting rooms within a few miles, Elysian Desert Distilleries has quickly created a buzz within the Cave Creek and Carefree communities. However, the process of producing Bourbon and Vodka takes time. The Carefree Bourbon that you drink today has been aged in charred oak barrels for years which allows for the perfect taste to be derived from the mixture of corn, rye and malt developed under the watchful eye of Renea and Michael McQuiggan.

The story of this journey to produce a high-quality brand of spirits actually began generations ago when Renea’s grandfather started acquiring farmland in north east Kansas with some of the finest soil in the country. This soil helps produce a superior quality of crops for the main ingredients that are now used in the premium products of Carefree Bourbon and Chakra Vodka.

Abigail Merritt, Renea’s daughter, developed the idea for this line of Vodka. Chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or ‘circle.” Chakras are dynamic energy pockets that control and energize the vital organs of the body both physical as well as mental. Each flavor of Chakra Vodka contains ingredients that are meant to coincide with each Chakra within the energy wheel. For more information, please visit:

Ad Sales Starting

We’re starting to put the guide together a little earlier this year to help with busy production schedule throughout the upcoming year. The rates have been updated on the advertising page. I’ve also included a note I received from our distribution partner at Sky Harbor airport. Visitors love the guides!

Guide Distribution has Started

The new guides for the 2019-2020 season have arrived and distribution started on August 31st throughout Cave Creek. The hotel and visitor centers will receive the first batch of guides in the coming week as well. The guides turned out great. If you need more guides, feel free to reach out to us anytime and we will get more to you quickly. Our contact information is on the advertising page.

Guide Production has Started

We’re excited that the new guide production is well underway. The new guide will be ready for distribution around September 1st. Thank you to all the new and continuing advertisers! We’re looking forward to our 14 year of promoting this great town and surrounding area.

Next Annual Guide Advertising Sales Have Started

The Cave Creek Visitor’s Guide remained very popular again this year and we went through them faster than ever. I’m starting to put together our next guide – Our 14th ANNIVERSARY! Advertising can be reserved from now through June 12th or until space runs out so please let me know right away if you would like to be included.

Why is the Cave Creek Visitor’s Guide so successful? It is target marketing at its best and it has the best distribution of any Cave Creek visitor related publication – just look around town and you’ll always find a copy not to mention the airport and concierges. If someone picks up a copy of the guide, it is almost certain that they are planning to visit the Cave Creek area, are already in the Cave Creek area or are being recommended to visit Cave Creek area by an area resort concierge. This means your advertising dollars are very targeted to a person that is very likely to spend money in our area – make sure they spend some with you!

You can see the advertising information flyer on the Advertising page

A minimum of 45,000 guides will again be printed and distributed making it the best way available to reach visitors and residents in our area.

If you would like to talk to us about advertising, please contact Dale at